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G.B., Executive, 32

G.B., 32, is a CEO who recently got married. He and his new wife enjoyed a very active sex life. Six months into the marriage, however, G.B. began traveling more frequently for work, as well as putting in longer hours. Their sexual activity, his wife noticed, was decreasing: Instead of having sex almost every day they were together, they were down to just two or three times a week. G.B., meanwhile, had become less interested in sex and would sometimes, particularly after an exhausting stretch of travel, have difficulty maintaining an erection.

Seeking answers, he and his wife saw a urologist, who spent perhaps 10 minutes with them, concluding that G.B. was simply overworked and needed to slow down. He also mentioned, somewhat cavalierly, that sex two or three times a week was normal, and that G.B. and his wife shouldn’t expect to have the sex life of 25-year-olds.

Unsatisfied with this advice, G.B. came to Obsidian. Our experts took ample time to listen to him and his wife as they described the recent deterioration of their sex life, and our advanced lab testing revealed that G.B. had “low normal” testosterone levels. We gently raised that to “high normal” using a drug called Clomid, which also increased his energy and libido. Finally, we prescribed a low dose of Cialis to assist G.B. with erections when he was overworked and fatigued. This enabled G.B. and his wife to resume daily sex — sometimes, he noted, twice a day when time permitted.

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