For Spouses Partners

Obsidian Men’s Health believes in treating the couple, not just the man with a sexual condition.

Treating the Couple

A sexual relationship is a complex interaction between two human beings, and when one of them has sexual difficulty, it affects the wellness of both. Misunderstanding and misconceptions about sexual health, too, can often lead to great frustration.

We therefore encourage the spouses and partners of our clients to participate fully in the Obsidian process. Understanding the sexual needs and goals of each partner in a relationship will help us better treat the underlying dysfunction or concern. Our goal is to improve the sex lives of men and their partners so they can enjoy an enhanced sexual relationship for years to come.

As our name indicates, Obsidian Men’s Health is a sexual institute for men, but everything within — from our décor to our staff — is focused on making their partners every bit as comfortable. We understand that some men choose to explore their sexual concerns alone for a variety of reasons, including cultural differences regarding attitudes toward sex. Obsidian has a thoroughly international clientele, ensuring that we always take such differences into consideration.

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