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We’ve been lucky enough to build ongoing relationships with many of our patients. We appreciate their trust and are humbled to have had the opportunity to make a difference in their lives. We’ve compiled some of their stories in order to provide a glimpse into what makes Obsidian unique.

“I wish I could give Obsidian more than 5 stars…”

“I wish I could give Obsidian more than 5 stars, quite simply it was the best medical experience I have ever had. It is everything our medical system should be: informative, efficient, effective and caring. Everyone from Karen to Dr Richman was incredible. Before I even got to the office Karen had already shared the virtually everything that was going to happen with me. She clearly conveyed the price (quite a rarity in medicine) as well as set my expectations for everything from the initial meeting to the procedure. Dr Richman continued the excellent service with our initial consult. He clearly explained the procedure but also took the time to get to know me. His bedside manner is simply outstanding. The procedure could not have been easier, and I was amazed that Dr RIchman handled virtually everything after Nancy prepped me for the surgery. Most important recovery was incredibly easy. What is not to like about sitting on the couch all weekend watching the Master’s and drinking bourbon? I was back at work on Monday and back to the gym within seven days. If every procedure were this easy people wouldn’t hate our health system. In short, I would highly recommend Obsidian to anyone considering a vasectomy or having any men’s health issues. Kudos Obsidian!”

“Best experience at a doctor’s office I have ever had.”

“Best experience at a doctor’s office I have ever had. From the initial consult through the end of the procedure, Dr. Richman and his staff were attentive, responsive, and awesome in responding to questions. At first I was apprehensive about having this procedure but after dealing with Obsidian, I am so glad I went with them. I rave about the experience to my friends and you can’t go wrong going with them. Excellent service and great work. Thank you Dr. Richman.”

“Obsidian Men’s Health is the hands down best men’s health practice I have ever found…”

“Obsidian Men’s Health is the hands down best men’s health practice I have ever found. I have lived all over the country and there is no comparison!
The head nurse Jessica is amazing!! She truly cares about patient care and makes you feel as though you are the only patient they have. Amazing!!

Dr. Geib also truly cares about your care. They have an advanced knowledge of how Testosterone truly affects a man’s over all health.

I never had the feeling I was just a dollar sign to them as I have another practices. They take the time to listen to your concerns and understand how low “T” is effecting you to creat a treatment plan for you. They do not use the medical industry standard of one treatment works for everyone because it does not.

They have always been available at all hours of the day and Dr. Geib has even called me back while he was on Vacation. Find another Doctor that will do that.
This is not a normal doctor office, they do not except insurance and it is only for men but it is well worth the extra fee you pay for your care.

If you are in need to this type of care you need to call Karen or Jessica make an appointment! I have not needed their other services but I know they do treat other men specific issues.

The medical industry could learn a lot from Dr. Geib, Dr. Richmam, Nurse Jessica and the staff at Obsidian.

I Highly Recommend them to any guy, even if just to check to make sure your “T” levels are good. Call and make an appointment! You will not regret it.”

“Whatever your men’s health needs…”

“Whatever your men’s health needs, Dr. Richman is the man! He’s got the expertise and know-how to help you live your best life and be your best self. Jess and the staff are great as well and will provide attentive and professional service. Don’t go through life wondering if things could be better. Talk to the folks at Obsidian Men’s Health and make it happen. You will be glad you did!”

“I cannot say enough positive things…”

“I cannot say enough positive things about my experiences with the front of the house Karen, nurse Jess, and of course Doctor Shane Geib. I originally met them through the typical ‘almost 50’ health check, and Shane has been a fantastic resource to help level set your middle aged anxiety that comes with hitting that mile marker. Aside from his obvious medical skills, he has a candor and humor about him that you wish all medical professionals would learn. His insight is invaluable, even more so than the typical annual check-up with your primary doc. If you enjoy peace of mind, and being able to speak freely with your doctor about middle aged male syndromes, then Shane is your guy, and with Karen and Jess to round the equation, it’s a home run.”

“After seeing a number of different doctors…”

“After seeing a number of different doctors, (who all claimed nothing was wrong with me), I stumbled across Obsidian Men’s Health. I was blown away by finding a doctor who who actually listened to my concerns and let me know I wasn’t crazy. Dr Geib was the first physician who wanted to treat the whole patient and not just the symptoms. He listened to my concerns and desires. It is very rare nowadays to find a doctor like that. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am now and how much this man has changed my life.

And this attitude of concern and friendship extends to all the staff as well. They are more like welcoming friends than a doctor’s office. Jess and Karen are amazing!”


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