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Obsidian Men’s Health does not participate with any insurance plans, nor do we take Medicare or Medicaid assignment. If a patient wishes to file an insurance claim on their own behalf, we will provide you with physician notes and payment receipts to submit with your claim. However, our physician documentation and receipt structure will not necessarily be acceptable to your insurance provider. You may or may NOT be reimbursed for Obsidian services under the terms of your plan. We do not have a billing department to assist you with insurance issues. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service rarely found in the medical setting. To accomplish that we cannot spend our time on any insurance related issues.

Freedom from the insurance model affords us the freedom to treat you the way you want to be treated. For example, we spend an hour or more with patients during initial consultations: we focus on patient education, we conduct detailed medical history reviews, comprehensive exams, and review treatment options that will match with your needs and lifestyle. Every patient leaves here with their physician’s email address with the ability to follow up with any questions or concerns as they arise. Our staff and physicians are hyper-responsive to patient questions and requests.

Lab testing is usually required by our physicians as part of your initial assessment and follow-up care. Lab testing is not included in your Obsidian membership. Lab costs may or may NOT be covered by your insurance plan. Obsidian Men’s Health does not have any financial relationships with lab companies, so they independently work with your insurance.
Insurance coverage for prescribed medications filled at a retail pharmacy may also vary depending on your plan. Any medications obtained through our compounding pharmacy partners will NOT be covered by insurance. An administrative fee is also applied to these drugs.

As health-care deductibles have skyrocketed over the past several years, more and more patients are seeing less coverage when they visit a specialist. Obsidian’s fees are competitive with other specialists in the area, especially when considering the time, access, attention and expertise that Obsidian Men’s Health provides.



We ask for payment at the time of service. We accept most credit cards and are happy to accept cash from patients who prefer to use it. 


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