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Our Approach to Low T Therapy

At Obsidian, we know that an effective Low T regimen is possible only when doctor and patient have a strong partnership. Hormone-replacement therapy is a journey, one that can’t be completed in a 10-minute office visit. This relationship is vital to optimize your results, maintain your overall health and continually calibrate your treatment to align with your needs.


Because readings of a man’s testosterone level are often inaccurate, Obsidian uses more advanced technologies, such as free-testosterone assessment and bioavailable-testosterone calculations, to ensure a precise diagnosis. All our clients also receive our customary targeted health history and physical examination. These are important; we need to ensure that your Low T is not being caused by any underlying medical complications.

We’ll obtain any additional information we might need for a precise diagnosis as well: for example, by determining your level of estradiol, which helps ensure a proper balance of testosterone and estrogen in a man’s body — a possible root cause of Low T that physicians often overlook.

In select cases, we’ll do some genetic testing and assess your pituitary gland and thyroid function to look for reversible causes of testosterone deficiency. (We might then schedule a brain MRI if tests suggest that the pituitary gland is possibly the problem.) Low T is a risk factor for prostate cancer, so we’ll also determine your baseline PSA (prostate-specific antigen) number in order to include prostate-cancer screening into your overall monitoring program. As always, whatever your specific concern, your overall health is always a top priority at Obsidian.


At Obsidian, we treat your Low T using the techniques that work best for you; we’ll never try to push you into one type of treatment or another. Each of our clients receives a custom-designed regimen with therapies that can include patches, creams and gels, injectable testosterone, implantable pellets or oral palliatives. We can treat Low T aggressively from the outset, or increase our efforts gradually. The bottom line: We’ll work together with you to devise a program that will help you achieve peak performance with medically appropriate levels of testosterone.

If you’re seeking to preserve your fertility or just prefer a more “natural” approach to testosterone replacement, we also offer endogenous replacement therapy — a technique that employs agents such as Clomid and human chorionic gonadotropin to impressive effect.

Clients with an abnormal testosterone-to-estrogen ratio may require advanced hormonal manipulation, which entails administering drugs that reduce estrogen levels.

Finally, we offer all our clients the ability to try more than one treatment regimen to determine which is most effective and fits their lifestyle best.


Any hormone-replacement therapy is serious. Testosterone replacement is quite safe, but only when monitored by a qualified urologist who specializes in men’s hormone replacement. You’ll never be treated by a nurse or physician’s assistant in lieu of your doctor — to whom you’ll always have direct access via phone and e-mail.


Your health is a private matter. Obsidian’s model — and our facility — are designed to maximize your privacy and comfort. Many clients will never even see another patient entering or leaving. We can also make additional arrangements for clients with more extensive security needs.


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