The Vasectomy Process
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An Unparalleled Vasectomy Experience

Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation, you and your partner will meet with the physician who will perform your vasectomy. You’ll have ample time to get comfortable, relax and ask any questions you might have. Your physician will review your medical history and perform a brief targeted exam. We’ll then treat you to a tour of our facility: the high-end surgical suite, the luxury recovery room and more. We’ll also provide you with any necessary prescription medication before and after your procedure.

Scheduling Your Procedure

After your initial consultation, we’ll schedule your vasectomy at a time that’s convenient for you. We’re almost always able to accommodate you within 48 hours of your consultation; we can also honor requests for evening and weekend procedures. 

Procedure Day

We arrange our schedule to accommodate you — you need not arrive early or feel at all rushed. Upon arrival, you and your partner or guest can relax in your personal recovery suite until your procedure begins. While you’re in surgery, your guest can wait for you with complimentary wi-fi, movies, and light snacks and drinks. Once your procedure is complete, you can head back to your suite to begin recuperating.

Your physician will give you his direct phone number; once you’re home, he’ll follow up with you that evening and again over the next few days.

Out of Town Patients

For patients from out of town, or those who desire a greater degree of custom service after their procedure, we have a relationship with the Ritz-Carlton hotel across the street from our facility. We’re happy to arrange a night’s stay, transportation, babysitters and meal preparation as needed.

We’re Ready When You Are

Simply put, an Obsidian vasectomy is the best such procedure available anywhere. Take a look at our reviews and see for yourself. Interested? Call us anytime to learn more, or request a consultation today.


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Our Vasectomy Surgeons

The Obsidian Vasectomy is performed by preeminent experts in the field. Learn more about Shane Geib, M.D. and Marc Richman, M.D.


Vasectomy FAQ

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