Fore! A day of Golf with The Washington Diplomat

May 6, 2014

At Obsidian, most Friday afternoons are spent with the doctors seeing clients and me setting up appointments for the following week, or preparing the office for a client who can only get in to see us on the weekend. This past Friday, however, the doctors and I got out of the office and onto the beautiful Worthington Manor Golf Club where we took part in The Washington Diplomat’s 10th Annual Embassy Golf Tournament.

This long running tournament is not only a yearly tradition for the Washington Diplomat — a monthly periodical that serves as the flagship publication for the Washington diplomatic community — but also serves as a relaxed and fun get together for the foreign ambassadors, their staffs, and the various companies and individuals who do business with them. This year, Obsidian Men’s Health was proud to be an event sponsor, fielding a foursome made up of Obsidian’s own Dr. Marc Richman, PartnerMD’s Dr. Daniel Parks, Wiley Rein’s Peter Krug and Former Libyan Ambassador to the U.S. Ali Aujali.

Additionally, Dr. Geib and I were in charge of hospitality at Hole 4, a challenging bunker lined par four with an elevated tee-box. I am embarrassed to say that I do not know much about golf other than what you pick up at the miniature course on family outings. I do know that Dr. Geib and I had a lovely view from our hilltop perch.

Our icebreaker, a little gift we gave to every golfer who came by, was the prescription we were giving out: 2 balls for Relief & Relaxation in a pillbox labeled with Obsidian’s services and contact information. As a concierge medical office focused on men’s health, I had to come up with a clever idea that would show our personality. Why not balls-gender specific and anatomically similar? I am proud to say that my fears of potentially offending swiftly disappeared as the golf tournament began. Soon after we started giving them out the news of our promotional freebie apparently spread through the course. Golfers would drive up to the tee and laughingly ask, “Where are my balls?!?”

They were a hit…a hole in one perhaps?

There was a great mix of folks, some very serious about their game and others that were just out having a grand time. We met many diplomats, former Congressmen, small and large business owners as well as folks with hospitality or high end retail backgrounds. Close neighbors of ours Sahouri Insurance & Financial and Omega Boutique in Tyson’s Galleria were also in attendance. It was my first golf tournament but I can’t imagine it having gone better. The Washington Diplomat did an amazing job and the whole day was simply a wonderful time.

Many participants were interested in the idea of a boutique practice that is private and caters solely to men’s health. Some laughed and said, “I don’t need you yet but when I do….” A few times, Dr. Geib gave advice on the type of prostate screenings you should have based on age and ethnicity. Other times, reassurance that vasectomies are indeed a very effective form of birth control for men. Mostly though, people were just intrigued by the sort of service we offer. Where else can you visit an urologist who will spend time with you? Where can you go that will shut down the office if security is a concern or stay late just for you? Where else can you go where your medical needs and your expectations for care are not just met, but exceeded?

Overall, I must say thank you to The Washington Diplomat and everyone who attended for welcoming us into their community. We hope to see you all in the near future.