Obsidian Men's Health Invites Men to Join the Conversation About Their Sexual Health

Jun 15, 2015

In honor of Men’s Health Week, June 15-21, the urologists of Obsidian Men’s Health will answer questions daily via social media. Use the hashtag #AskObsidian.

#AskObsidianMcLean, Va. — Many men do whatever they can to avoid visits to their physician. In recent decades, a variety of health-care institutions have developed services specifically for women — now, with Obsidian Men’s Health, Drs. Marc Richman and Shane Geib do the same for men, offering them a private, spa-like setting in which they can discuss and manage their sexual health and overall well-being, with experts in the field, in an atmosphere of total comfort.

Replete with burnished brown walls, flat-screen televisions and top-shelf whiskey, Obsidian Men’s Health offers a fresh, inviting perspective on men’s health care: It’s not something to be ignored or put off, and men deserve an environment that respects and caters to their needs.

Starting Monday, June 15, to commemorate National Men’s Health Week, Drs. Richman and Geib will canvass their social media feeds each day and answer a number of questions submitted to them with the hashtag #AskObsidian.

“Awareness is key,” Dr. Geib says. “Sparking discussion is the first step toward getting men to start listening to their bodies and realizing it’s important to take care of any medical issues early. We think simply answering men and their partners’ questions, is a great way to start that conversation.”

“Sexual health is important to men,” Dr. Richman adds. “But what many don’t know is that sexual issues are often the canary in the coal mine for many other health problems — heart disease, diabetes, prostate cancer — that affect thousands of men each year.”

The urologists at Obsidian Men’s Health look forward to answering your questions between June 15 and 21. Submit yours using the #AskObsidian hashtag, and each day, we’ll choose several to answer. Please note that our doctors will not be able to reply to all submitted questions, and answers we provide do not constitute direct medical advice for any specific patient.

Shane Geib, M.D. and Marc Richman, M.D., urologists board-certified by the American Board of Urology, founded Obsidian Men’s Health because they recognized that the vast majority of men with low testosterone, erectile dysfunction or prostate cancer were not getting the time, discretion or personalized treatment they deserved.

Obsidian Men’s Health is a new kind of practice: one dedicated solely to men’s sexual health, in an environment designed with luxury, privacy and unfettered physician access in mind. Drs. Geib and Richman have more than 30 years’ combined experience helping men achieve and maintain sexual health and well-being. They founded Obsidian to provide men with a relaxed, secure setting in which to attain sexual health and overall wellness.