Premature Ejaculation
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The Most Common Male Sexual Dysfunction

Although it’s the most common form of male sexual dysfunction, few men seek medical consultation, much less treatment, for premature ejaculation. That problem is made worse by the fact that many physicians’ knowledge of the condition is limited at best. Obsidian Men’s Health, however, takes a comprehensive approach, offering several treatment options tailored to each client’s medical needs and sexual-performance goals.


As with any condition, Obsidian will begin treatment of premature ejaculation by obtaining a detailed sexual history and conducting a targeted physical exam. Our experts will lab-test for thyroid disease and other potential causes, as well as (in certain instances) prostate pathology such as cancer or infection. Based on our initial assessment, we might need to screen for testosterone deficiency as well.


Obsidian’s treatments for premature ejaculation span the spectrum: behavioral and psychological tools, as well as sessions with a sex therapist for couples who might benefit from them. We also make use of various topical agents to decrease penis sensitivity and thereby prolong the period before ejaculation, as well as erectile-dysfunction drugs (Cialis, Viagra and the like), which can be effective in certain patients. We’ll also test for testosterone deficiency.

Depending on clients’ sexual goals, daily or on-demand doses of oral drug therapies can be beneficial too, and combination therapy for difficult cases can often achieve near-miraculous results.


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Key Points

Premature ejaculation is very common — and very treatable. Treatment options run the gamut from psychological to topical.