Sexual Health Optimization
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Redefining Normal Sexual Function

In the traditional health-care model, men must be experiencing some degree of sexual dysfunction before they seek professional care. Obsidian disagrees with this approach: Who, exactly, defines “normal sexual function”? The term varies widely, and as such, Obsidian offers sexual health optimization (SHO) to men who seek to enhance their sexual performance regardless of any underlying condition. Some might desire to have more sex, have a greater sex drive or be able to last longer during sex — and Obsidian’s proprietary treatment expertise can help.


Obsidian always begins any course of treatment with a detailed sexual history and targeted physical exam, although testing is often necessarily quite limited for SHO clients. It might entail laboratory assessments to identify and deal with any potential risk factors that might affect sexual health in the future. We’ll also frequently screen for testosterone deficiency; men often don’t realize they’re exhibiting symptoms consistent with this condition.


Men who wish for an increased libido may benefit from testosterone replacement therapy, while those who would like to have sex more often might find an oral drug regimen, such as daily Cialis, to be effective. Topical anesthetics or oral medications that prolong the onset of ejaculation can be helpful for men who want to last longer in bed. Whatever our patients’ desires, Obsidian will employ a combination of methods to ensure their optimal sexual performance for years to come. To that end, many clients choose to have an annual sexual-health assessment at Obsidian as part of their overall health-and-wellness program.

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Key Points

Regardless of the presence of any underlying condition, Obsidian offers sexual health optimization to men who wish to enhance their sexual performance.