Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Will TRT Affect my Fertility?

Feb 19, 2014

Many of our patients have seen articles like this one in the Urology Times and wonder about how testosterone replacement therapy might affect their fertility; or even if they can address their Low T while trying to conceive.

The treatment of testosterone deficiency typically involves the administration of synthetic testosterone, otherwise known as steroids. One of the problems with synthetic testosterone is that it drastically suppresses the body’s own testosterone production leading to a reduction in sperm production. This drop in sperm manufacturing can lead to infertility in men that may persist even after stopping therapy.

This article highlights the fact that synthetic testosterone should NOT be used in men interested in having children. It also demonstrates the unfortunate fact that some physicians are not aware of the negative impact that testosterone therapy can have on a man’s fertility. In our practice I have actually received infertility referrals from physicians who were treating their patients with testosterone preparations.

What this article did not address, is that effective treatment for testosterone deficiency is available to men who wish to maintain their ability to have children. The drugs Clomid and human chorionic gonadotropic can be used to treat testosterone deficiency in men wishing to maintain their fertility. These drugs actually increase endogenous testosterone production which has a positive effect on sperm production while treating the symptoms of testosterone deficiency.

Testosterone deficiency is a condition that can cause bothersome symptoms and lead to health problems. Effective treatments are available but men should seek out experts in the field to ensure that they receive appropriate therapy and proper safety monitoring while using testosterone raising drugs.