Why are the holidays the PERFECT time for an Obsidian Vasectomy? Read On

Dec 19, 2014

vasectomy in Northern VirginiaThe holidays are approaching fast. Is your first thought, “I should get a vasectomy now!”? We didn’t think so, but here are a few reasons why this is the perfect time to call Obsidian Men’s Health and schedule your vasectomy before the end of the year.

No need to take time off.

Obsidian’s Painless Vasectomy technique virtually guarantees that you won’t need much downtime, but if you’re already off from work or have vacation days that must be used, schedule your procedure now and give yourself a few days to relax without the stress of needing to get back to work. Most men return to normal activity just 2-3 days after having a vasectomy.  And hey, if the family’s in town, your “recovery” is the perfect excuse for getting out of trips to the mall, the zoo, or the in-laws’ house.

Your deductible resets on January 1st!

Deductables are rising, but most people do recoup part of their vasectomy costs from their insurance companies. If you’ve already met your deductible this year (or are close) this is the prefect time to get it done and maximize the amount your insurance will pay out for the procedure.

Treat your partner to a stress-free sex life.

Vasectomy is a low-risk procedure devoid of the complications and recovery time of other options such as tubal-ligation for women. Recent studies even suggest that your sex life will improve when the stress of an unwanted pregnancy is lifted. A vasectomy can add a level of spontaneity to your sex-life that condoms or even the pill could never compete with. So get your vasectomy today and give her another reason to be stress-free this year!

Treat YOURSELF to The Obsidian Experience.

The Obsidian Vasectomy is simply the best vasectomy experience around. Your time, dignity and privacy are paramount to us, and our Vasectomy Center offers impeccable medical care coupled with amenities usually found only at first-class resorts. Give us a call or click here to request a consult.

Happy Holidays from Obsidian Men’s Health