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More than 25 percent of men over age 30 suffer from testosterone deficiency. Most of them suffer in silence: feeling fatigued and irritable, experiencing difficulty losing fat and building muscle, noticing a decrease in their libido or simply burdened by the nagging sensation that their life is sluggish and monotonous.

Some men proactively ask their urologist or primary-care physician about their testosterone level only to be dismissively told to buck up (“You’re in the low-normal range; you’ll be fine”) or treated ineffectively. Thus discouragement sets in all over again. Learn more about Low T and its symptoms.

Shane Geib M.D. and Marc Richman M.D. founded Obsidian Men’s Health out of recognition that the vast majority of men suffering from Low T don’t need to be — yet there’s a lack of qualified experts available to offer treatment. Male hormone replacement therapy has become a billion-dollar industry, which predictably has generated a number of worthless over-the-counter supplements and thinly credentialed anti-aging “doctors” — but, until now, few qualified urologists who specialize in tailoring testosterone-replacement therapies that are safe yet yield spectacular results.


To be successful, a hormone therapy must be personalized to your needs. Obsidian Men’s Health specializes in exactly that.

Our urologists are experts in treating low testosterone. For more than a decade, Dr. Geib and Dr. Richman have been helping restore vitality to men, many of whom had been treated ineffectively by other physicians. Many men come to Obsidian because their internist or urologist either wouldn’t treat them or would give them a meager dose that had little effect. Others wasted money on worthless supplements and ill-trained “anti-aging” doctors.

Treating Low T isn’t a matter of hitting a target number on a lab test. It’s predicated instead on treating the symptoms you’re experiencing, and calibrating your therapy to alleviate them and attain the performance goals you’ve set with your physician. What this means is that building a relationship with your doctor is of paramount importance in effective treatment of Low T. You can’t do this in a 10-minute office visit. Go to a drive-thru center promising a one-size-fits-all solution — which describes some of our competitors — and you’ll waste time and money on a regimen that is either only partially helpful or completely ineffective.


Obsidian Men’s Health treats Low T strictly via a partnership model. Building a relationship with you is an integral part of our treatment: You’ll have phone and e-mail access to your physician anytime. You’re welcome to make unlimited appointments anytime. And you’ll have access to a number of other personally tailored benefits.


Are you in the Tysons Corner / Northern Virginia area and concerned you may have Low T? Marc Richman, M.D. and Shane Geib M.D. have over 30 years of combined experience in helping men overcome hypogonadism or testosterone deficiency. Make an Appointment Today.


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Have questions about Low Testosterone and Obsidian’s Approach? Take a look at our Testosterone Deficiency FAQ.

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