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Fact or Myth: Test Your Knowledge on Testosterone & Prostate Cancer

Movember is a great opportunity for people to learn about important men's health issues. As a urologist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of testosterone deficiency, I wanted to present some facts regarding the relationship between prostate...

What Is “Herbal Viagra” — and Is It Safe or Effective?

There’s nothing like celebrity malfeasance to give an obscure topic newfound salience, and the recent discovery of an unconscious Lamar Odom — former NBA player, reality-TV star and Kardashian-in-law — in a Nevada brothel has done just that for so-called “herbal...

Prostate-Cancer Screening and Low T: What You Need to Know

One of the most poorly understood aspects of American medicine today, especially in the realm of men’s health, is prostate-cancer screening. Indeed, the PSA — prostate-specific antigen — test, a blood screening that can detect early-stage prostate cancer, is one of...


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